Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Saturday Surgery

This months surgery will be held this Saturday (4/08/2007) in the Christ the King Church in Dove Close.
I will be hosting the surgery and I will be available between 10am to 11am.
Please feel free to pop in if you have any issues you think the Council may be able to deal with.
posted by matt bright.

New Planning Applications

Here is this weeks latest planning application in Princes Park.
There is only the one locally, while last week there were none.
It has been very quiet regarding planning applications within Princes Park in recent weeks.
posted by matt bright.

Princes Avenue Petition

During last Thursdays Full Council meeting (26/07/2007) Cllr Pat Gulvin handed in a petition regarding an introduction of a crossing on Princes Avenue.
The petition was signed by 94 local residents of Princes Park asking for a crossing across Princes Avenue next to the play park.
This would make it safer for mothers and children from the Romney Road area to have access to the facilities.
It would also slow down the traffic on that certain stretch of road.
We will keep you updated on any future developments.
posted by matt bright.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Walking Bus

Walking Bus

I have just returned from a trial of the walking bus at Maudene School. It was a great success. An astounding 273 children took part. We now have to get it running everyday. But of course this will take time and volunteers. Today we had loads of parents walking with us but we know this is not possible everyday. But the Walking Bus Group will be organising a meeting at the school. If you are like me, with children all grown up you can still be involved. I think the good old active retired would be brilliant at this. They need one adult for every six children, so you see a lot of help will be needed. It would be helpful if it were only one day a week. It could be possible with enough helpers to run walking busses not just from Morrisons car park but also down Highgrove and Herons Way.

So if you are interested either contact me or one of the walking bus group.

E-mail the Kent and Medway Walking Bus Group on

I will put on the blog when the meeting is.
Posted by Pat

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Speed Cameras

I received a document today regarding safety cameras and the impact they have on road safety.

I'm not the biggest fan of safety cameras (formally speed cameras) as a driver, I felt I was spending too much time looking at my 'speedo' and not concentrating on the road. I wasn't convinced if they were there to prevent speeding motorists or were just a revenue earner for the authorities.

But.........looking at the latest set of statistics in connection with the cameras, my views have been slightly altered!

The Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership announced casualties have been reduced in Kent and Medway since July 2002.

In their report they claim;


1) Safety cameras are only situated where a number of people have been killed or seriously injured in a speed related crash.

2) Since July 2002, there have been 58.3% fewer deaths and serious injuries at camera sites in Kent and Medway.

3) The cost to the community of the total casualty savings amounts to more than £20 million each year. This cost includes the savings for the emergency services and medical care.

4) They claim - We don't want your money, we want you to slow down.


For more details log onto there website.


I'm glad to say there are no speed cameras within Princes Park which means there have been no serious incidents involving deaths recently.

However, there is a speeding problem along Princes Avenue between Princes Charles Avenue and the Morrisons roundabout, making it hard for residents to cross the road, especially for the children's play park (demonstrated in a previous story on this blog). Myself and Pat are aware of this problem and will be contacting relevant officers in due course to see what options are available to us.


posted by matt bright.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Out On Patrol

Out On Patrol

Last Friday Matt and I had a very new experience for us. We went out on patrol with the Medway Safety Team. I do not think many people know about them. They are a small group of dedicated Medway Council employees who follow up any worries residences have in the area. So when you mention unsociable behaviour to a councillor or direct to the council it is looked into. What they do is patrol problem areas and reassures residences. They also work with the police and other services.

The two we travelled with, Brian and Emma, who look after Princes Park, Luton. Wayfield,Walderslade and Weedswood. So you can see the area they cover each night is quite extensive.

We first went round Princes Park to a few areas that had trouble with youngsters, but I am glad that it was all quiet. That’s how we want Princes Park to remain. While we looking round the village Emma had a phone call from a family that have had some problems with a group of children. They found it reassuring that they could get hold of Brian and Emma so quickly. When we arrived near to the residences house we had a call from them. They had managed to talk to the parents of one of the youngsters and they were very helpful and the problem was defused. That was great as this shows that dialogue, with out losing your temper can quite often be the best policy.

Later we took a stroll down an alleyway where there have been problems before. We were having a nice stroll, them Matt pushed me out of the way quick as some idiot was riding his motorbike straight at us. I could not believe my eyes Emma and Brian just stood in front of him to make him stop. He did slow down and then swerved round us and sped of down the road. Silly boy, he has probably gone from a telling off to big trouble!

As we patrolled one area Brian and Emma spotted some youngsters on a shop roof. I did not even see them. But next thing I know we are parked up and running down the road. Okay we did not catch them. But they either stopped a crime or prevented stupid youngster getting themselves hurt. That is what the Safety Team is there for. The most upsetting thing I saw was some youngster taking drugs. Oh why, oh why do they ruin their lives like that? Some end up in prison not because of taking the drugs, but because of the crimes they commit to fund their habit.

I could write a thousand word essay about the rest of the evening. But I think you can see what a great job they do. Our unsung, nightly, heroes. We also met up with the police on patrol. Our own local PC Dave Saunders with a couple of new community police officers. One a lovely girl by the name of Jessica. I will find out more about her and let you know, as she will be working in Princes Park. So you see we are the lucky ones
As I am sure she will be well liked by everyone.
posted by Pat

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rochester Farmers Market

Rochester Farmers Market

Sunday we took a trip down to the farmers market in Rochester. As normal there was a lovely array of local produce. From fresh meat, vegetables, and even some lovely bottles of English wine. It was nice just strolling around in the sunshine (yes it had stopped raining). The church bells were ringing in the distance and it just made you feel good. We bumped into a few people we knew which is always pleasant .My husband went straight to the stall that sells cooked sausages in a bun. As he says its his Sunday morning breakfast. It is even better in the winter as he has it then with a cup of hot-spiced apple juice.

The market is held the third Sunday of the month and is well worth a visit.
posted by Pat

Sunday, July 15, 2007

This Weeks Planning Applications

Here are this weeks planning applications within the Princes Park ward.
posted by matt bright.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Junk Mail

We received this article from our colleagues in Aylesford and thought you would like to see it.

Junk mail and uninvited telemarketing calls (usually received as you are about to sit down for dinner) are an increasingly unwelcome intrusion into our daily lives.

Many residents we have spoken to are not aware they can "opt out" of receiving junk mail and sales orientated phone calls by registering with the Mail Preference Service (MPS) or the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). There is even a Fax Preference Service (FPS) if you suffer from Junk Fax transmissions.

The "opt out" lists are maintained centrally under licence from Ofcom (The Office of Communications) who will fine or even prosecute companies who continually fail to respect the wishes of those who have chosen to register.

Registration on any of the lists is free of charge and can be done simply over the internet.

For further information (or to register) please click on the following links:

Telephone Preference Service (TPS): click HERE
Mail Preference Service (MPS): click HERE
Fax Preference Services (FPS): click HERE

The Greencross Code

Your local councillor and your Conservative Parliamentary candidate, Tracey Crouch, took their lives into their hands on Saturday. During the election it was mentioned that it was difficult to get across Princes Ave, to go to the play park. So Tracey and I thought we would have a go. So if you were driving down Princes Ave and saw these two women trying to cross the road they were doing it in the name of research.

The conclusion of our exercise was that we do need to do something and I will discuss it with the officers in the council and see what ideas we can come up with.
posted by Pat

Friday, July 13, 2007

Democracy Working

Yesterday evening I had a Children’s Services Committee meeting. The pre group meeting started at 6 o’clock. Then we went into the main meeting at 7 o’clock. We finished after 11 o’clock. So you see we do, do some work? But seriously though it is a very important that we do take our time discussing items where children and young people are involved. They are our future and they should be given the best of starts to help them become valued members of the community.

One of the items discussed involved facilities for teenagers. The police constable from the area came and pleaded their case. Another constable and an inspector joined him. So the young people, whom think the police just there to torment them, should think again. This young constable felt very passionately about looking after the youth on his patch. I hope that he does end up with some of his wishes. The trouble is everything costs money.

We also discussed the future of Connections. The youth support agency. This is going to Cabinet so all I can say is watch this space and we will see what the verdict is.
posted by Pat

Monday, July 09, 2007



Saturday afternoon I was out graffiti busting again. The surgery at the end of Swallow Rise on the junction with Princes Ave. has been a target for a long time. As it is on private property we were unable to clean it last time we went out. This last week I have asked the surgeries permission to clean it. I am happy to say they gave it. I hope you noticed the improvement.
posted by Pat

Saturday Surgery


Surgery was held on Saturday at 10am to 11am.
Only two people came. So that either means that we have few problems or that the news has not circulated yet. It is probable the later. The next surgery will be on the 4th August 2007. This will again be from 10am to 11am.

We will be in Room 1
The Church of Christ the King
Dove Close
(Next to Morrisons)

If you cannot make the surgery and you need to get in touch with us.
Pat can be contacted on 670853, or at pat.Gulvin@medway.gov.uk
Matt can be contacted on 351403 or at matt.bright@medway.gov.uk
posted by Pat

Friday, July 06, 2007

Anti Bullying


I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to go to an anti bullying conference yesterday. I know we will never eradicate the problem but with conferences like this, plus the dedicated people I met we may be able to ease some of the long-term ill affects this has on young people.

We had a talk from John Khan, who works in East Sussex, as a consultant on bullying. He explained how they handle the problem there. The main issue that came over then and later in the day from other speakers was that the problem could be solved if children would just tell someone. I know it sounds simple but as we all know victims are always scared to talk about it. They do not always know whom they can trust. Also what came over from the talks we had with professionals and children alike is they do not always want the bullies punished. They just want to be left alone.
One teacher who gave us some incidences of bullying in her school said that one girl said she just wanted the bully to talk to her civilly.
I know I have simplified things here but the main thing to know is we do have teachers and other professionals who work with are young people who are totally dedicated. They went back to their place of work with many ideas to pass on to their colleagues.
posted by pat

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tour de France Park and Ride

There will be 5 free park and ride services available within Medway on Sunday for the Tour de France.

There will be absolutely no on-street parking from Saturday midnight through to the race anywhere along the route.

I have posted a copy of the route in an earlier story on this blogsite.

Medway Council is encouraging everyone to leave their cars at home and use one of the 5 free bus services that will shuttle spectators to the best 3 viewpoints on the route.

The park and ride venues are;

1) Great Lines, Gillingham to the sprint section in Gillingham

2) Beechings Cross, Gillingham to the spring section in Gillingham

3) Riverside Country Park, Gillingham to the sprint section in Gillingham

4) Mid-Kent College Horsted campus, Chatham to City Way, Rochester

5) Chapter School, Strood to Angel Corner, Strood

Buses will be running from 8am to 4pm, every 15 minutes. The last bus back to the 5 park and rides will leave at 3-45pm.

Obviously there will be delays within Medway on race day but Medway Council aim to open up the roads on the route after the race as soon as possible subject to them to being cleaned.

For more in depth information please click on the Medway Council website here.


posted by matt bright.

Surgery this Saturday

Don't forget, this Saturday a surgery is coming to Princes Park. Councillor Pat Gulvin will be your host and will be available between 10-11am.
The address of the venue is;
The Church of Christ the King
Dove Close,
Princes Park
There will be plenty of posters advertising the surgery within the venue.
posted by matt bright

Monday, July 02, 2007

Top Award for Customer First

The 'Customer First' department has won top honours by winning a national excellence award.

It handles residents information, problems and concerns for Medway Council as well as other local authorities.
The Customer First department can be contacted by dialling 333333 (advertised to the right of this blogsite) and should always be your first point of contact if you have a problem or a concern.
Here are a few statistics about the call centre;
73% customer satisfaction
over 80% of resident contacts dealt with on a 'one and done' basis
over 2,500 emails received every month
65,000 calls received each and every month
According to the statistics, this means approximately 47,450 people are happy with the telephone service, with 52,000 people having their issue resolved by dealing with just one person.
Remember, this is all within a month!!
I have dealt with the Customer First team on several occasions and have had nothing but excellent service from them.
Please click on this link for the full story from the Medway Council website.
posted by matt bright.

Cabinet Decisions

Medway Council's Cabinet met on 26th June 2007, here is a list of issues that were discussed;
1) Statement of Accounts 2006/07
2) Medway Park Development
3) Soccer Academy – Strood Leisure Centre
4) Treasury Management Out-turn Annual Report
5) Irrecoverable Debt
6) School Transport and Public Passenger Service Framework
Click on this link for the full details.
posted by matt bright.

New Planning Application

There is one planning application this week that is within the Princes Park ward.
posted by matt bright.