Friday, August 29, 2008

Disgusted of Princes Park

There are no photos to go with this blog. I was too disgusted to take any. The other day I did a blog about the path above Morrisons being cleared. Now, just a few days later, the path looks absolutely disgusting with litter everywhere. Sorry this is not the wind blowing it there. This is litterlouts, of all ages. When I think how hard the residents in Spitfire worked to make their environment so much nicer people in other areas are just not interested. The trouble is it cost us all a lot of money. The money it takes to clean up the rubbish from just a few very selfish people means the youngsters locally will miss out on some of the amenities they would like. Plus it means our council tax will have to pay for it. Sorry but like a lot of you we have had to work hard for our money and I hate having to pay for these selfish people.
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spitfire Clean Up

I thought I would share with you a couple of extra photos. The children may look small but they did work very hard. They seemed to enjoy themselves. What came out most on that day was the sense of community. It was really lovely to see as in many ares today it seems to have gone for ever.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet-on-the - Street

I was sorry to say not many people came out to see us last evening. The police MHS and myself went out to meet the residents. The one good thing as you can see from the photos the youngsters came out and had a lot of fun talking to Dave Saunders our neighbourhood policeman. They were shown around the police van and asked to be locked up in the back where all the prisoners go. The children learnt in a lovely way that the police are only human and the children can always talk to them. I can see Dave now as he walks around Princes Park getting children yelling out greetings to him. I think their parents were a little wary to start with but soon realised the children were safe and having a lot of fun.
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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Wet Day in Deal

Yesterday, I braved the bad weather, and visited Deal . I went to watch the Old Comrades play. They are a band made up from retired Royal Marine musicians who live in or near Deal. They were formed in 2005 for a one off concert to play at the Memorial Bandstand. As they said, they went there to play (without rehearsal) to see if they could remember what they learnt while they were with the Marines. They expected just a few people to turn up but they ended with an audience of thousands.
Yesterday, because of the really bad weather only a few hundred turned up. Those of us who did brave the weather still had an enjoyable afternoon.

The Memorial Bandstand was built in memory of the eleven Marine Bandsmen who lost their lives, on 22nd September 1989. A terrorist bomb killed them.

As you will know, from my profile, I grew up in Deal. So the sound of the Royal Marine Band was around all the time I was growing up. My excuse for putting this in a blog for Chatham people is that I know the strong links Chatham and all parts of Medway always had with the Royal Marines. They are one band that could always fill the Central Theatre.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recent Planning Applications

Here are the latest planning applications that are within the Princes Park ward.
These applications date back to the previous couple of weeks.
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Just a reminder that the next meet on the street will be on Tuesday 26th August. It will be in Ryde Close, from 6pm to 7pm . Present will be the police, MHS, local councillors, Safety Community Team. So if you have an issue please come along. There will be other chances to air your views, when the team visit other areas in Princes Park. I will keep you posted via the blog.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spitfire Clean-Up Continues

There was a fantastic turn out of residents this morning in Spitfire Close, Princes Park. Many children, who attended seemed to enjoy helping with the clean-up which made the morning more enjoyable. This was a project completely organised by the residents, Matt and I just went to help and give our support. The pile of rubbish in the picture above was just the start. We ended up with garden benches, a bed, 40-50 bags of rubbish and of course a cuddly toy. The two collection lorries turned up about 12:30pm and we filled them both!

Remember; this was day two of the clearing so you can see how hard everyone worked. There are a few thank-yous I would like to make.
* Cllr. Dennis McFarlane, who lives in Princes Park , who got the ball rolling.
* The probation service who worked so very hard on Thursday.
* The Young Offenders Unit who came and helped with the heavy work.
* MHS and Morrison for their generous refreshment donations which the children appreciated.
(Well alright the adults did as well.)
* Last but not least our Safety Community Team who put it all together who we could not have managed without.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Spitfire Close

The probation services were out in force on Thursday starting to clear the piles of rubbish and fly tipping in Spitfire Close, Princes Park. These were the vanguard for the big clean up on Saturday. On Saturday we are hoping to see many residents out to help the big clean up. So come on, put on your old clothes, a pair of gloves and let us all get stuck in.

See you all around 10:00.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Pathway Clearing

I was glad to see that the pathway above Morrisons was being cleared. The trouble is as fast as these young men clean the area people mess it up again. I know some of it is blown there, but bottles and cans don't. So please help us all have a nice place to live. TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME.
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Save Capstone Valley

Matt and I were up at Capstone today with other Conservative councillors and supporters. We were there to gather continuing support for our petition to stop anyone developing Capstone Valley. Being up there today on a nice sunny day you can really appreciate the beauty of the valley. It has to be saved at all costs. There enough areas in Medway designated for building on, to cover what the government say we need to do, so there is no need to touch our beautiful valley.
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Kites Over Capstone

I spent most of today up at Capstone Park. It was the second day of Kites over Capstone. Unlike last year, the weather was really good and the kites were out in all their glory. I tried to get some pictures of the main batch of kites, but my photography was not up to it. I know everyone who went had a lovely time and it was so nice to see so many families enjoying the simple joy of flying a kite. I remember flying kites with my parents when I was little, then the fun of kite flying with my own children.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meeting With Residents

The Police,MHS, the local Community Safety Officer and I meet up with residents in Freshwater Road. There were not many residents out but we did talk to a few to find out what the local problems were. What was nice to know was that the barriers we had installed to stop nuisance bikes had made a difference.
The meeting was worth while and we are planning more such meetings shortly.
The residents in that area will be notified and I will let you know when on this blog.
Remember if you do have a problem please let us know.
posted by Pat

Friday, August 01, 2008

Chatham South School Public Meeting

The Council has arranged a number of public consultation meetings regarding the proposed merging of Chatham South School and Medway Community College. At these meetings there will be a short presentation following by an opportunity to ask questions and give the Council your views.
The meetings are open for anyone to attend and there is no need to make an appointment.
The meeting which is taking place in Princes Park is on:

Wednesday 1st October 2008
Kingfisher Primary School
Kingfisher Drive,
Princes Park,
7.00 – 8.30 pm
posted by matt bright.

August Surgery 2008

It's surgery time again (these come round very quickly) for Princes Park and it will be between 10-11am tomorrow (02/08/08).
Normal place at Christ the King Church in Dove Close.
I will be there to answer any local issues.
No appointment is necessary.
posted by matt bright.

Ann Widdecombe

A few weeks ago Anne Widdecombe MP attended a local constituency event to help raise money for future election campaigns.
During her visit she managed to speak to everyone who attended ranging from Politics, TV work and celebrity fit club!
She is exactly the same in a one to one conversation as she is in the public eye, very direct, to the point and very truthful.
Near the end of the afternoon she held a questions and answers session, anyone could ask her anything. This, combined with her very direct answers made for an interesting 20 minutes.
If every Member of Parliament had the same attitude and approach to politics we would have some very interesting debates in the chamber.
posted by matt bright.

New Planning Applications

Here are the latest planning applications for the Princes Park area.

Rear of Gatcombe Close/Princes Avenue

Stanley Road

Ryegrass Close

Freshwater Road

Scotby Avenue

Wiltshire Close

These applications date back the last four weeks.

posted by matt bright.