Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Chatham & Aylesford

Your Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Chatham & Aylesford is Tracey Crouch.
Tracey has recently created her own blogsite regarding her own election campaign hopefully into Parliament.
Feel free to ask Tracy any questions you have regarding Parliament issues.

posted by matt bright

20th February 2007 - Council Cabinet Decisions

Here is the link for the latest Medway Council Cabinet meeting that happened on the 20/02/2007.
On the agenda to be discussed was proposals for a controlled parking zone in Chatham. Also the 2007/08 budget proposals.
It is myself and Pats intention on this blogsite to try and inform the residents of Princes Park exactly what is happening within the ward and beyond that will affect local residents.
posted by matt bright.

Keep Warm While Saving Energy and Money

The Kent Energy Centre has been working with your Conservative Run Medway Council to make your home cheaper to run while becoming more energy efficient.
Prices have been discounted and include installation.
1) Loft Insulation from £199
2) Cavity Wall Insulation for terraced or semi-detached properties from £149
3) Cavity Wall Insulation for detached properties from £175
4) 100% grants for central heating, cavity wall and loft insulation for people on certain benefits
5) Advice given and discounts on solar panels
6) Free and independent advice for all residents on energy saving in the home
The scheme is open to all residents who rent from a private landlord or own their own home. Advice is available for all other residents on saving money, energy and keeping warm.
For further information;
Call Kent Energy Centre 0800 358 6669
Lets do our bit in Princes Park to save money and energy!
posted by matt bright.

Friday, February 23, 2007


While I have been talking to people all over Princes Park the same topic has been raised,

I have spent many hours trying to work out a solution. Really it is nearly impossible because it means re-educating a number of people of all ages. The council cannot feasible spend all their time just cleaning the paths and highways. So there has got to be another way.

On Monday I when I came home from work, I picked up my ‘blue box’ from the road side. Some one had put a coke bottle in it. My first thought was how dare they. Then I thought again. It is better they did that than throw it into the gutter. So I took it back to the house and added it to the bottles I have to recycle.

This started me thinking. (Dangerous occupation). When I was young all households kept the path and the road outside their house tidy. Of course some still do. But it is no longer the normal thing we all do. So I think that could be a starting point. If we all just picked the litter up outside our own house it would be a start. We can all say ‘but my neighbours don’t’. Well let them, after a while it could catch on! There is nothing like keeping up with the Jones' to change peoples attitude. Neighbours could start talking to each other and working out where other areas could be cleaned up. I know this sounds very simplistic but have to start somewhere. Things cannot stay as they are or we will end living in a rat infested ghetto.
Posted by Pat

Thursday, February 22, 2007

3 Stars Awarded to Medway Council

The stars are awarded for services and value for money.

This is the fourth year in a row that 3 stars have been awarded to the Conservative run Medway Council !

The 3 stars were awarded by the Audit Commission in its Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA).

Read the comments given by the Leader of the Council, Conservative Cllr Rodney Chambers who has warmly welcomed the decision.

I'm sure this is a positive sign for residents of Princes Park to know their Council Tax money is being spent and used wisely by the Conservative run council.

posted by matt bright.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Postal Votes

If you will be away on May 3rd, not to worry!
You can apply for a postal vote.
Alternatively, if you are unable to get to the polling station due to age or ill health, or you know someone in Princes Park that cannot then please pass on this info.
To apply for a postal vote you can either;


01634 332030

01634 332416 or 01634 332247

Write (the good old fashioned way).
Electoral Services
Medway Council,
Civic Centre,

Click on this Medway Council page for further info.

Don't lose your right to vote, apply for a postal vote today.

posted by matt bright.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Keeping Princes Park Green, Clean and Safe

After scanning through the Medway Council website I found an interesting page that would provide essential information for the residents of Princes Park.

If you need to report graffitti, abandoned cars or fly tipping etc.

Recycling and general rubbish issues.

Traffic and travel in the local area.

Details about local wardens to help tackle anti social behaviour.

Click on this link for the full details.

posted by matt bright.

New Childrens Centre in Princes Park!

The new childrens centre will be based in Kingfisher Primary School in Princes Park.
The councils cabinet agreed the new childrens centre with another 9 across Medway already adding to the existing 4.
The "Sure Start" centres will provide health care, advice and support to families with babies and young children.
Each centre will provide services to around 800 children under five years of age, and their families, and will be established by spring next year.
Check out this link for the full story.
posted by matt bright

It's Official - Medway Council is Giving Good Value for Money

Conservative Run Medway Council have been judged as giving good value for money by independent auditors.
The Audit Commission assess councils across the country on how well they are managing resources every year.
Check out the link for the official comments on the Medway Council website.
This is another example on how the Conservative Run Medway Council are wisely spending your council tax money.
posted by matt bright

Monday, February 12, 2007

A Good Debate

I had a really nice reply to my comments on subsidizing theatre tickets. Anonymous did not agree with me at all. That is what I like a lively but friendly disagreement. It what makes things happen.

Mind you 'anon' I think you may have scored an own goal. The tax paying public may not directly subsidies your football ticket, but they do indirectly. I don't think there is a club in England that could survive on their ticket sales. Which means they are subsidized by sponsors. This means that good old Joe Public will one way or another pick up the bill. Of course some of it will come from your TV licence.

By the way 'anon' I love sport and the more money put that way the happier I would be. But that is another issue and I don't think you would want me to get on my soap box just yet.
posted by Pat

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Walk on the Wild Side?

After donning our Artic gear we braved the weather and went for a walk along the river Medway. We drove to the Riverside Country Park, another outstanding leisure facility run by the council. It was wonderful to see the car park was almost full; obviously we are not the only mad people living in the Medway towns. It was also nice to see not only dog owners out, but families enjoying the fresh air. This certainly is a well used area which is bristling with wild life.

We braved the cold for a couple of hours and were rewarded with the sighting of not one but two rainbows. But other than the sighting of rainbows and literally thousands of birds, the highlight was a lovely cup of tea back at the Riverside Country Park. It is nice to know their proper cafe will open again shortly.

posted by Pat

Friday, February 09, 2007

World Class Music in Medway

Went to the Central Theatre last night. The City of London Sinfonia had braved the snow and ice to come to Chatham. They gave a stunning performance of three Haydn symphonies, and a Mozart concerto for flute & harp. The soloists, Karen Jones and Rachel Masters are both professors at the Royal College of Music. A very talented line-up indeed!

We are very fortunate to have an enlightened Conservative council in Medway that is putting us on the cultural map. Unfortunately the message that first class live entertainment is available in Medway is not getting through to many of its citizens; the theatre was only about 20% full.

The thought occurred to me, that with all those university students we now have in the towns, the council should provide them with cheap tickets, say a pound or two, and develop a new audience for the future.

What are your thoughts on this? Or do you take the contrary view that spending on the arts is a waste of money?

The Sinfonia is next visiting us on the 22nd of April. One of the works is a new composition specially commissioned for Medway. It would be nice to have a full house for such a special event.

posted by Pat

Thursday, February 08, 2007

General Statistics About Medway!!

Here is a few stats about Medway with some brief history about the council.

Authority Type

The unitary council was established in 1998 following the merger of Gillingham and Rochester Upon Medway Councils.

These two councils formed a 'Unitary Council' which also took on powers from Kent County Council creating this one large combined local authority which is now known as Medway Council.


There are currently 251,000 people living in Medway.

This figure is due to rise to 300,000 people by the year 2030!


Medway Council operates as a business which has an annual budget of £518 million (over half a billion) for the year 2006/07.


This money is divided between services such as;

schools, roads, libraries, leisure centres, social services (for the elderly and young), waste disposal, recycling, community safety (to some extent).

It is also used for development and tourism.

Breakdown of Funding

Fees, charges and grants = 43%

Government Schools grant = 29%

Business rates = 11%

Central Government grant = 2%

Council Tax = 15%

Fact 1

Council taxes in Conservative Run Medway are the cheapest in Kent!

They are more then £100 cheaper than either Maidstone or Tonbridge and Malling!

Fact 2

The Labour government have been giving higher grants to councils in the north at the expense of councils in the south like MEDWAY COUNCIL.

One Million Pounds of Government grants have been withdrawn this year from Medway Council.


Vote Conservative in the local elections on May 3rd to keep your council tax low.

posted by Matt Bright.

A Winters Tale

I was lucky enough not to be working today, so I did not have to brave Princes Ave in the snow storm this morning. I hope the rest of you managed okay.
I did however take a walk around to see how people were coping.( Walderslade looks lovely under a blanket of snow). It seems most of you managed to get out and brave the elements. One thing I did notice were the handrails on steeper parts of the paths; these I found really helpful. Anyone who knows me will tell you I can manage to fall over even without the added problem of snow and ice.
Can you let me know if there are any areas that could do with these handrails. I do not know how much influence I may have but I do know a few people I can nag.
posted by Pat

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tracey Crouch

Tracey Crouch has been chosen as the Conservative Candidate for Chatham and Aylesford Constitiency.

At a packed meeting of members supporters and the public, Tracey Crouch was chosen as the new Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservatives. She, beat off 26 other hopefuls to win the nomination.

Tracey, who works in the insurance industry, is a qualified football coach and a member of Kent Cricket Club. She is the lead manager in an independent charity which aims to reduce crime and build safer communities through various projects and activities. She also works with the Citizenship Foundation, an education based charity which runs the National Youth Parliament Competition is schools.

Tracey has extensive experience in campaigning in Local, General and European Elections and is delighted to have the opportunity to fight the next election for the Conservatives in Chatham and Aylesford.