Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recession Guide

Conservatives launch recession guide on new website

Help is on hand for residents wanting to know what Medway Council can do for them to beat the recession.

Medway’s Conservative Group have created an easy access guide to the Council’s services which can be found on their brand new website at www.medwayconservativegroup.co.uk/recession.php

The Beat the Recession page includes information for residents looking for help and advice on benefits and council tax and using the council’s value for money services.

The Conservative Group have also launched their top tips to save money, which are:

Join your local library where you can take out books, access the internet and rent low cost DVDs and CDs
Sign up for the half price bus pass for under 16s, which is soon to be expanded to under 18s. Over 60s who have free bus passes can travel for free under Medway’s extended service from 9am in the morning
Visit Medway’s value for money leisure centres
Attend one of the number of free events held throughout Medway including the Dickens and Fuse Festivals
Grow your own fruit and vegetables, perhaps using one of Medway’s popular allotments
Enjoy a walk around one of Medway’s countryside parks such as Riverside or Capstone Park
Save money though making your home more energy efficient. Householders in receipt of benefits can get help under the Coldbusters scheme.
The new Conservative Group website, which can be found at http://www.medwayconservativegroup.co.uk/, gives residents access to the latest news and views from their local Conservative councillors.

Deputy Leader Cllr Alan Jarrett said:

“We are taking the recession very seriously and there are several ways residents can save cash by accessing the Council’s value for money services. Medway Council also provides help and advice to those that need it. Our Beat the Recession guide on our new website http://www.medwayconservativegroup.co.uk/, is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to know what their Conservative Medway Council can do for them.”

Kent Police in Princes Park

Along with the Safer Communities Officer from Medway Council there are currently 2 PCSO's and 1 PC who also patrol and look after the needs of Princes Park.
This page directs you to the officers on the Princes Park page on the Kent Police website. There are phone numbers and email addresses if you wish to get in contact.
posted by matt bright.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spitfire Close

This area of Spitfire Close in Princes Park a few months ago was an unused piece of grassland. Due to there being no where for the local children to play we have undergone some several steps to make the area more user friendly.
1) At the end of last year large boulders were removed from the area to open up the green for children to play on.
2) In association with local residents a large community clear up was organised to clear the green and the woods to the rear.
3) A football goal was installed for the children to use but was sensitively placed so not to upset the neighbouring residents with stray footballs. This came after months of negotiating with Council officers to get the goal installed after satisfying all Health & Safety aspects.
4) By using ward funds we have managed to purchase a bench and a bin so hopefully the green will not be littered.
This is a job well done by myself and Cllr Pat Gulvin after months of dialogue. If when reading this you feel their are other parts of Princes Park that could benefit from having similar street furniture please get in touch with us.
posted by matt bright.