Saturday, February 26, 2011

Council Budget

At Full Council last Thursday myself and Pat Gulvin voted with our colleagues for the budget for the next financial year.

Due to a multi-million pound reduction in the Medway Council budget the books were balanced (due to re-structuring with minimal job losses & a better for less campaign) and some fantastic schemes will be introduced which will help the residents of Princes Park and Medway.

Free swimming will be introduced for the under 11s and over 60s.

£250,000 for pot hole repairs

£500,000 for highway repairs

£75,000 for adult play schemes

£50,000 for alloment improvements

Sure Start has been declared safe including the one at Kingfisher School

£92,000 for extra library books

£100,000 for apprenticeship schemes

£250,000 allocated for the introduction of a freedom pass

Ridgemeadow site re-instated for use by Bradfields School and a special autism unit

Front Line services are protected

Parking charges frozen
And of course...not to forget this is all being done with the Council Tax being frozen for another year!

With other Councils cutting Front Line services this budget should be a positve one for everyone in Princes Park.

posted by matt bright

The Motorbike Fight Continues

These may look like boring barriers to some people but for the residents of Ryde Close & Solent Gardens it will enable them to use their gardens safely with their children being able to play on the grass opposite.

These barriers came at the request of residents who we met whilst on one of our 'Meet & Greet' sessions with local people from Princes Park.

Residents expressed a concern on the footpath being used by mini-motorbikes (our big enemy - check older posts) so we felt something had to be done.

Due to our hard-line stance on any anti-social behavour in the area we managed to secure the funding through our ward funds and they were installed last week.

Hopefully this will make it safer from everyone.

Do you live in Princes Park and know of a problem area for mini-motorbikes? If so please contact us.

posted by matt bright.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sure Start

I have had a few queries from residents about SureStarts future, so I thought I best put my reply in writing on the Blog.
I think SureStart is a fantastic thing. It is there for the Community in the Community . I have seen first hand some of the inspiration and enthusiasm of those who work there. The real value to the children may not be seen for a while, but as the children grow up the good ground work that was done will pay off.
I believe many parents have also had their lives altered by SureStart. They can see they are not alone, there are people who are always willing to help.
As you can see I am a real advocate of SureStart as is Matt. So I pleased that at the last Council meeting it was agreed the funding will continue for the forth coming year. This was stated in the press but some people must have missed it.
I hope this puts people in Princes Park minds at rest.
SURESTART is safe .
posted by Pat