Saturday, October 30, 2010

Missing Spatula

Missing one spatula
If you live in Wiltshire Close and you have found a spatula on your door mat never fear. You have not been invaded by phantom spatula deliveries. What happened I was delivering leaflets using a spatula to push them through the letter box, this saves my fingers being attacked by evil letterboxes. When a big dog, well it looked big to me, took the leaflet and my spatula out of my hand. The last I saw was the dog guarding the spatula which it had dropped on the door mat. Oh well look on the bright side it could have been my hand.
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Chaham football

Tracey and I had a lovely Saturday,last week, watching Chatham playing at home. I think Tracey bought them a bit of luck as the match was a draw. This after all was against the league leaders.
But seriously they could have so easily have won. Just don't give away a penalty.
I would like to thank everyone for making us so welcome. Hope we can get along a support them again soon.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ball Park Update

I might look a bit windblown, but it was lovely to go up on the bank to see the progress with the ballpark. For so long Matt and I thought it was just a dream that we could possible get a ballpark for Princes Park. The proof is now there.
While we were up there we meet two nice young boys. They really could not wait for it to be finished. As they said to us if they play ball in the street, the only flat area to play, they get told off.
Everyone complains that children are getting fat. I know that is not very PC, but facts are facts, that is what people mean. It can only be expected if they are shut indoors all day as there is no where safe to play.
I am old enough to remember playing in the street because there were very few cars. Now its not possible. We used to play rounders and football against the dads. I hope when the ball park is finished we see a few dads up there challenging the kids.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Age Concern

The new Hopewell Centre for Age Concern has now been officially open by the Mayor of Medway, Cllr David Brake. We are very lucky to have this facility on our doorsteps, in Hopewell Drive.
So if you get the chance go along and see it for yourself do pop in. They will be happy to see you.
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Sunday, October 03, 2010


The SSAFA Big Brew up has come round again. The year since the last one seems to have flown by.

The Big Brew up is at the Church of Christ the King ( next to Morrisons). It is being held on the 16th October from 10am to noon.
So come along and help the Armed Forces Charity. They are celebrating their 125 birthday so there really is something to celebrate.
posted by Pat