Friday, December 31, 2010

Benefit from some good advice

A campaign to ensure that residents in Medway receive the financial support they are entitled to starts in January.

The campaign will run from 17 January until 11 February with advice desks at various places throughout Medway, including the Pentagon Shopping Centre in Chatham, where staff from Medway Revenues and Benefits Service and The Welfare Benefits Unit assisted by the Pension Service, The Kent Benefits Partnership and Voluntary Organisations will be able to tell people whether they qualify for housing, council tax, work, pension or care benefits.

Earlier this year, a similar campaign helped people collect more than £261,000 in unclaimed benefits.

Take advantage of the help and advice available to ensure that you are not missing out on money.

If you've never claimed benefits or have been turned down in the past, or maybe you are thinking of returning to work but are wondering if you will cope- this message is that you have nothing to lose but potentially money to gain.

For more details:

Come and talk to us at one of the events listed below or find out more at




phone: 332222

Don't delay - Benefit from some good advice!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ballpark Update

As you can see the park is almost ready. We were told that it could be ready by the beginning of December. To think how bad the weather has been I think they have done well to get this far.
If you remember they had nothing but rain when they were trying to dig out the bank, then the SNOW.
So we will soon be seeing the young people of Princes Park enjoying it.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chidren In Need

I was luck enough to go along to Christ Church,Luton on Friday morning. Home Start were running a fund raising for Children in Need.
Home Start have been very lucky to have funding from Children in Need. This fun morning was there way of raising money to help payback the generosity of all the people who have given to Children in Need. As you can see as well as mums and children they were joined by many interesting people, including the Gillingham mascot who really joined in the fun. The children absolutely loved him.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Come on Gillingham

Well done Gillingham. Now you have broken your duck start believing in yourself. The whole of Medway will then be behind you.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Remembrance Day

I was very proud to accompany Tracey to her official Remembrance Day Parade in Chatham.
We started at Victoria Gardens for the Parade, Service and Wreath laying. It was very moving. It was so lovely to see so many young people there. From five year old upwards. The fact they stood there in the wet was amazing. Talking to Officers from HMS Chatham, afterwards, they were really impressed. They said they have never seen such a large turn out of youngsters. They must of made their parents and their organisation really proud.
From Victoria Gardens we walked down to Chatham High Street for the Salute.
I think it was one of ,if not the proudest moment of Tracey's time since she became Chathams MP. It was worth getting wet.
I hope the children, young people got as much out of the day as we did. The crowd at the Gardens is thought to be between 700 and 1,000. A wonderful turn out for a wet day.
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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Wounded for Princes Park

I think there is a conspiracy in Princes Park at the moment. Last week out delivering leaflets I had my spatula taken by a dog. This time the bolt on a gate tried to remove half my finger. When I became a Councillor no one warned me that I would need protection.
Sorry to disappoint the Labour Group I have been told its not fatal and I will live to fight the next election.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Missing Spatula

Missing one spatula
If you live in Wiltshire Close and you have found a spatula on your door mat never fear. You have not been invaded by phantom spatula deliveries. What happened I was delivering leaflets using a spatula to push them through the letter box, this saves my fingers being attacked by evil letterboxes. When a big dog, well it looked big to me, took the leaflet and my spatula out of my hand. The last I saw was the dog guarding the spatula which it had dropped on the door mat. Oh well look on the bright side it could have been my hand.
posted by Pat

Chaham football

Tracey and I had a lovely Saturday,last week, watching Chatham playing at home. I think Tracey bought them a bit of luck as the match was a draw. This after all was against the league leaders.
But seriously they could have so easily have won. Just don't give away a penalty.
I would like to thank everyone for making us so welcome. Hope we can get along a support them again soon.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ball Park Update

I might look a bit windblown, but it was lovely to go up on the bank to see the progress with the ballpark. For so long Matt and I thought it was just a dream that we could possible get a ballpark for Princes Park. The proof is now there.
While we were up there we meet two nice young boys. They really could not wait for it to be finished. As they said to us if they play ball in the street, the only flat area to play, they get told off.
Everyone complains that children are getting fat. I know that is not very PC, but facts are facts, that is what people mean. It can only be expected if they are shut indoors all day as there is no where safe to play.
I am old enough to remember playing in the street because there were very few cars. Now its not possible. We used to play rounders and football against the dads. I hope when the ball park is finished we see a few dads up there challenging the kids.
posted by Pat

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Age Concern

The new Hopewell Centre for Age Concern has now been officially open by the Mayor of Medway, Cllr David Brake. We are very lucky to have this facility on our doorsteps, in Hopewell Drive.
So if you get the chance go along and see it for yourself do pop in. They will be happy to see you.
Posted by Pat

Sunday, October 03, 2010


The SSAFA Big Brew up has come round again. The year since the last one seems to have flown by.

The Big Brew up is at the Church of Christ the King ( next to Morrisons). It is being held on the 16th October from 10am to noon.
So come along and help the Armed Forces Charity. They are celebrating their 125 birthday so there really is something to celebrate.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yet Another Litter Bin

I know it does look boring, but this is another step towards a cleaner Princes Park. This is just one of the two litter bins that have been put at the top of Wren Way. It has become a bit of a black spot for litter. Matt has been chasing up the street cleaning team to do there more often. But at the end of the day it is the people who drop the litter who are the problem. Now there are two bins they have no excuse.

Litter is unsightly and costs us all money to have it cleared up. I know I have been harping on about this for years, but Princes Park is a nice place to live and there are really nice people living here. It is spoilt by just a few very selfish people.

Years ago Princes Park had a bad reputation but the residents have turned it around. Not the Council, Police or any other organisation just the residents. They wanted to live in a nice area and they have made it so. All we need to do now is stop, just the few, who ruin it for the rest of us.
Posted by ranting Pat of Princes Park

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday 27th September

If you have not already met up with Matt and Sue come and meet them on the 27th September. They will be hovering with me outside Morrisons.
We have been out there a few times, since they became our neighbourhood police team,. These have always been very successful. We will be there at 10-11:30 subject to any emergency they could be called away on.
posted by Pat

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

This flyer is for a concert at the Central Theatre. These lads are doing this to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. You may have seen in the press that this charities name was illegally used to collect clothes from households. This has lost this Charity and many others a lot of money they can ill afford. One of the lads lives in Princes Park so it would be nice for as many people as possible to go and support them.
So ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls get along to the box office and make it a huge success.
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Monday, September 06, 2010

Princes Av

It may only be a picture of a road,but I think most residents of Princes Park will be very pleased to see it. The road after our really bad winter was in a bad way. But even with the cut backs we have manged to secure a nice new road surface.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am happy to say that I am enjoying a glass of wine. It is to celebrate. The residents in Princes Park have been asking for somewhere for the young people of the area to play. Well- tonight the council planning committee passed our application for a ballpark. It has been a long time coming and I know the youngster were beginning to think it never would. In fact I was beginning to wonder as well. But it looks like their patience has paid off.
Posted by Pat
a very tired but happy councillor

Monday, August 16, 2010

Walking To School

I was looking through the older blogs and I spotted this picture. It went with an article about children walking to school.
Last week the Daily Express ran an article about the same subject. They were quoting scientist saying children are less liking to suffer from ill health if they walk more. A good walk everyday to school will do the trick. This would also solve one of the biggest problems parking. There is no resident living near our schools that do not complain about the parking. Residents are unable to get access to their own property due to parents parking.
I know some parents do have to come some distance to travel. They can still park safely and the children can have a short walk. Those parents who's children go to Maudene can park in Morrisons. It is not far but it will be some exercise for the children. I am sure there are places near Kingfisher at school where parking is safe and not too far for the children to walk.
We all like to spoil our children,but sometimes it is not the best thing for them.
posted by Pat

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catching Up

It seems to have been a very busy week. But I thought I should try again to catch up with the blog.
The major thing this week is Tracey Crouch's maiden speech in the House of Commons. if you log on to her site you can find out all about it. It is really good that she made the House realise that not everyone in the South East is rich. She spoke about the deprivation in some areas of Chatham. These do need to be looked into and I know Tracey is eager to see that those ares are not forgotten.
Matt and I went to a meeting with business people, police, neighbourhood watch and the local church. We were descussing the needs of the area. We used to have a very good PACT in Princes Park but it ended up folding last year. So the new neighbourhood police team ( Mat and Sue) got a few people together to see if it can be reformed. As well as Mat and Sue we were pleased to meet the new Inspector in charge of neighbourhood policeing. His name is Insp. Cherry. Some of the older residents of Princes Park may remember him. He used to be our local neighbourhood policeman about 20 years ago.
On Friday I spent most of the day in Maidstone. I went to County Hall with a council colleague Cllr Avey. We are both on the Health and Adult Services Commitee. K.C.C. were having a Health meeting. The first part of it was about Mental Health. Kent and Medway work together on this so Cllr Avey and I agreed that it was important to find out as much as we could. That way when we have a meeting in Medway with the NHS we already know what response they received in Kent.
Sunday ( yes today) was the dedication services at the Cathedral. It was lovely to see so many Mayors from over areas coming to Rochester for the occasion. It was nice the sun came out as we have a procession through Rochester from the Guildhall to the Cathedral. I think the tourist found it very interesting. Some of the Mayors I had meet last week. I was very lucky to be asked by our Deputy Mayor Cllr Hewitt to be his escort for the day last Saturday. The Deputy Mayoress was unable to accompany him that day.So we went to Tunbridge Wells to be their guest at the cricket. I was spoilt as I love cricket. It was nice meeting leaders of councils from different parts of Kent. It was interesting to see and hear different points of view about problems around the Kent.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Police Team

Now the election is over it is time to try and get the blog up to date. The photo is of our two new Neighbourhood Police team. We now have PC Mathew Booth and PCSO Susan Kemsly. Many of you may have already met them. Those who have will I am sure feel we are in safe hands.
Pc Dave Saunders is still in Medway, but I believe he is now with a special task group. So we may still bump into him. Pcso Jess Read is now in the police force, well now in training. I know all who knew her will wish her all the best. I am sure she will make a great PC. Nic Simmonds is still a PCSO but has been moved to another job. Nic was not with us for long but she was sadly missed when she went as she made a big impact on all who met her in Princes Park.
We have also had some other changes to our small community. The vicar, at Christ the King, Keith Foot retired and has moved away to Tunbridge Wells. He was given a really lovely send off. We all wish him and Jenny and long and happy retirement.
That is not the end of it. Mrs Priest, the very popular head at Kingfisher school, has also decided she is going to retire. She does not go until January but she will be a hard act to follow.
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

More canvassing

Yet more canvassing today. This is just one of many groups that have been around Chatham and Aylesford canvassing for Tracey. Matt was with another group that we met up with later in the day. I think by the time the election is over we should be super fit. I know at the moment I do not feel it. At the moment like many others it is sore feet and aching back. If you want to save money on the gym come and join us.
Posted by a very tired Pat

Friday, April 16, 2010

Canvassing in Princes park

Today we were out canvassing in Princes Park. We were very lucky to be joined by Michael Howard and his wife Sandra. He has been a politician for a very long time, but he is now retiring. I think he will be greatly missed. We have been very lucky in the people who have been to our area to support Tracey.
posted by Pat

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More litter picking

When I was driving up Swallow Rise I noticed two of my neighbours litter picking. I did know, as I have mentioned before, that some residents do go out and tidy up. Today I caught two of them.

These are just two of our local residents who take pride in the area. How about we all follow their good example. As I have said many times if we all looked after the area where we lived and also took our litter home we could turn Princes Park into a neighbourhood to be proud of.
posted by Pat

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Litter Pick

Some residents complained of a camp that had been erected in the tree area. It was the rubbish that was left behind that was the biggest complaint. Brian (Safety Community Officer) dismantled the camp. Them Adrian,my husband, and I went along to help pick the rubbish up. as you can see it was more than a dozen sack fulls. In the photo you can see Brian and me, Adrian is taking the photo. well someone has to.
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Monday, February 01, 2010

Age Concern is coming to Princes Park

Age Concern
Age Concern will be relocating from its Chatham premises ( where it has been since 1969) to its new premises in Hopewell Drive, Princes Park from March 2010.
The new facilities will be much larger therefore able to cater for more residents from the wider community.
Cathy Steinmann (Chief Officer for Age Concern) contacted Cllr Matt Bright in the early part of January asking if there was any local funding that could help with new equipment. Luckily Matt and I still had some ward funds available and a cheque of over £2,000 was presented to Cathy at their existing premises.

The money will be used to purchase new tables, chairs, dementia signs, toilet facilities and many more worthwhile items.
posted by Pat