Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Planning Applications

There are two new planning applications this week in Princes Park, they are in the following roads;
posted by matt bright.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have just come back from a couple of weeks holiday ( this was last years summer holiday that had to be cancelled). So I thought I would have a stroll around Princes Park and take some nice spring photos to cheer the blog up. What did I find LITTER.
Matt and I are trying to organise a clean up in the area but we do need help. It seems as fast as we manage to clear an area it gets messed up again. It is unsightly unhealthy and costly. So please PLEASE pick up your litter and teach the children to have pride in their community.
Posted by Pat

Yet Even More Barriers

As you can see Matt and I have been listening to you. I know we have not managed to do everything people ask for but we are slowly getting there. These are another set of barriers that residents ask for to combat the bike problem on footpaths.
These barriers are on the footpath that runs from Swallow Rise and goes along the bank over looking Morison’s. I must admit I was just as worried about the riders as I was the pedestrian. I thought if a bike is speeding along there and suddenly had to swerve to get out of the way of a child they could end up a crumpled heap in the car park below. They may be a menace but I do not want to see anyone hurt. I think with a lot of the riders the problem is they just do not think.
We will probably have to put a third barrier up at the beginning of the footpath and I would appreciate your comments on this. Also is it working?
posted by Pat

March Surgery

This Saturday (1st March) is the latest edition of the Princes Park surgery.
It will be held in the same place (Christ the King Church) in Dove Close between 10-11am.
Cllr Pat Gulvin will be your host along with a member of the local Police Force (as advertised by Kent Police).
If you have any local problems please feel free to pop in, no appointment is necessary.
posted by matt bright.

Chatham Bus Station

It was approved by cabinet last week the location of the new Chatham Bus Station.

The location will be situated on Globe Lane and Sir John Hawkins Way which will result in the demolition of the Chatham fly-over.

This debate about the Chatham fly-over has been well argued over the last year by all sides but in its place will be a new 'state of the art' bus station which will replace that awful one we currently have to endure inside the Pentagon Centre.

This will kick start the regeneration in Chatham with many more very large projects on their way.

In a couple of years the face of the very tired looking Chatham town will be unrecognisable for the good.

Click here for the story on the Medway Council website.


posted by matt bright.

New Barriers

Here are some more new barriers that were installed recently in our ward. These have been situated on the alleyway that runs alongside the rear of Highgrove Road.
There have been problems with speeding motorbikes along this pathway, and although they still sneak down here from time to time these barriers have helped in slowing them down.
There is to be a third barrier to be added to these two in the very near future so hopefully no motorbikes can get through the gap provided.
The 'kissing gate' at the top of this pathway near Greenacre School is also to be repaired so this should hopefully stop this problem on this stretch of path full stop.
posted by matt bright.

Surgery Update

Thank you to the resident from Lordswood Lane who turned up to the recent surgery. Your problem is being dealt with in a combined effort with myself, Cllr Gulvin and the highways department.
Thank you as well to Brian Mooney (Princes Park Warden) for his attendance in the surgery.
posted by matt bright.