Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Surgery 2009

The next Princes Park surgery is due and will be held this Saturday (2nd May) at the usual venue.
Christ the King Church
Dove Close,
Princes Park.
Between 10-11am.
Your Councillor in attendance with be Cllr Pat Gulvin who will be able to assist with any local issues, no appointment is necessary.
posted by matt bright.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

PACT Meeting

A PACT meeting will be held on the 7th May 2009 from 7:30pm to 9:oopm at Kingfisher School Kingfisher Drive.
Have you got a concern what is happening in Princes Park,your neighbourhood?
Come along and let us know what you think priorities for your area should be.
Organisations attending include:
Medway Council
Local Councillors
Princes Park PACT panel
Local Schools
Kent Police
This is not for private and personal problems. This is for priorities for the neighbourhood. If you have a personal problem come along to the surgeries. They are held the first Saturday of the month at Christ the King church (near Morrison's) from 10:00am to 11am. A councillor and a member of the neighbourhood police team will be there. You can also contact as at the numbers listed below.
For further information please contact
PC Dave Saunders on 01634 792347 or
Cllr Pat Gulvin on 01634 670853 or
Look forward to seeing or hearing from you.
posted by Pat

Friday, April 03, 2009


Brian,Safety Community officer, and I went out yesterday doing a few hours of litter picking. There is no photo this time as we did lots of small areas instead of one big area. We still managed to fill five large sacks of rubbish. Most of the areas did not need to be in the state they were. I am sorry to say we seem to have grown into and very dirty nation. What I do not understand is people look after their homes beautifully but leave litter in their gardens. I know they may not have dropped it but if everyone just picked up the rubbish in front of their own house we would live in a much nicer environment.

I know we have many residents in Princes Park who do their very best and I salute them. But can someone tell me how to get through to those who think it is perfectly alright to just drop litter where ever they think. Driving along Herons Way I saw a family walking along. It was dad who just chucked a crisp packet onto the verge. I just wonder how the children are going to grow up. It is not a very good role model. On another day I noticed in Illustrious and pile of cigarette ends. A mum while waiting to pick her child up from Maudene school had just emptied her ashtray. Very nice I don't think. How would she like us to dump stuff outside her house. So PLEASE help even if it is in a small way by taking your litter home

As I wrote before if there is anyone out there who would like to help please get in contact.

posted by Pat

April Surgery 2009

The Princes Park surgery will be held again this Saturday. It will be held in the usual place at the Christ the King church in Dove Close.
I will be there between 10-11am to answer any local issues, no appointment is necessary.
posted by matt bright.