Monday, May 19, 2008


Here is the new CCTV car that has been patrolling Medway for the last few weeks. Despite its controversy in the newspapers regarding its own alleged illegal parking I am in favour of it.
The one and main reason I am in favour of this car is it will be patrolling outside the schools during opening and closing time.
Here in Princes Park we only have the two schools which are both Primary schools and during school finishing times the parking and waiting situations created by some parents outside of these schools are horrendous. My main problem is parents who consistently park their car on yellow zig zag lines, it happens many times especially outside Maundene school.
The signs are clearly displayed letting parents know it is no parking so I am quite happy this car is patrolling around Princes Park and hopefully it will catch the persistent offenders who cause a danger and nuisance to everybody else.
posted by matt bright.

Planning Applications

Here are the latest planning applications that have been submitted to the council that are in Princes Park.
These applications date back to the last 3 weeks.
posted by matt bright.

May Surgery

The last surgery held was a very successful one in getting problems resolved.
We had 3 residents turn up with 2 different issues and on hand to try and help them was myself, Cllr Gulvin, local special constable, local PCSO and the Princes Park safety community officer.
It really was encouraging to see all the different sides of the Police and Council working together to help local residents.
One of the complaints was dealt with immediately after the surgery as the PC and PCSO drove directly to the troubled spot.
This is proof that the surgery does work and is a good link to the residents of Princes Park.
posted by matt bright.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


At long last the patience of many residents is paying of. The footpath between Lordswood Lane and Emily is being done up. It is going to take a while before it is as we would all like it, but they are getting well on with it. We all know it will not solve all the problems but it should make life better for those living near by. Matt and I have a few phone calls from residents saying how pleased they are. All we need is for once it is completed for people to respect the property and keep it tidy.
Posted by Pat

Friday, May 09, 2008


I was going to show you some pictures of the walk about, but I thought it might depress people. The weather is too nice to feel depressed.

The walk about was with Angela (from MHS), Jess(our PCSO), Brian (our Community Safety Officer) and myself. We did find some things that did depress us but we also worked together to try and find a solution. We did talk to some very pleasant residents who gave us there views. As we explained we are working on the solutions but they cannot be done over night.

Some areas will just need tiding up, the grass cut and litter picked up. Others will need a lot more time to work on. But believe us we are working on it. We like you want to live in a very pleasant safe area. Both Matt and I live in Princes Park so we do understand some of the problems. As I think I have said before I want people to be proud of saying they live in Princes Park, our little Garden Suburb.
posted by Pat

Saturday, May 03, 2008


You may remember that I had a walk about with a representative of MHS and we found this 'dump'. Well the good news is that our Community Safety Officer (Brian) and Phil from MHS got together to sort this one problem out. As you can see from the pictures above they did a good job. So what we need to do now is for us to work together, by us I mean us the residents of Princes Park to stop the vandals who cause these problems. After all it us who have to pay for it in our taxes. I do not know about you but I would rather see new parks etc. being built with my money.
Posted by Pat