Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kissing Gate

Here is the latest addition in our drive to rid the motorbikes from the paths and alleyways of Princes Park. This kissing gate is situated in the alleyway that runs along the rear of Highgrove Road. The frame was already there but it was missing the swing gate. However, the gate has been replaced and hopefully it will stop any motorbikes going down there. If it doesn't stop them then it will definitely slow them down from speeding through this pathway which is used by a lot of pedestrians throughout the day.
Hopefully, this will prevent an injury!
Ignore the date in the corner of the photo, it is incorrect; this photo was taken today.
posted by matt bright.



The photos attached are not of different areas but are located in just one alleyway.
It covers more than a hundred yards.
It is going to cost a lot of time and money to clear!
The annoying thing is the mindless people who did this will be complaining that there are not enough facilities for the young. If we did not have to waste hard earned money to clear this and to pick up their litter we could spend the money elsewhere. If anyone can come up with a good way to prevent this I would love to here from you. That excludes them being transported to Mars.
Posted by Pat

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring At Last In Princes Park

I said before that I had planned to show a picture of spring but was put off by all the litter, well I changed my mind! The weather has been so bad lately I thought we needed a reminder that summer is just around the corner.
As Matt said in a previous article work in the ward is still going on as usual. The Police, PCSO's and Community Safety team are out there looking after us. You may not see them but they are working hard to keep us safe. Remember, if you want to talk to a PC come along to the Church (by Morrisons) on the first Saturday of every month, there you will find the Police and either Matt or myself. On the last surgery we had one visitor who wished to speak to the Police. However, this visit by them was not a waste of time as the resident had a serious concern which the police are now dealing with.
The Church also run a coffee morning Saturdays so while you are waiting, if you need to, they will make you very welcome.

posted by Pat

Monday, March 10, 2008

PC Dave Saunders

A lot of thanks go to PC Dave Saunders who is the Community Police Officer for Princes Park.
Over the last week he has been involved in two different arrests involving cannabis in the area.
One arrest came in Highgrove Road whilst the other was in Somerset Close where he managed to smash a cannabis factory in the property.
PC Dave Saunders, along with the PCSO's and the Community Warden are carrying out fantastic jobs in making Princes Park a safer and cleaner place to live.
However, there are many more things that need to be done and we on the Council along with our Police colleagues are currently working on the known trouble spots, hopefully with positive results in the near future.
PC Dave Saunders gave me full permission to write this article.
Please get in touch with us or visit us at one of our surgeries if you need to report something.
posted by matt bright.

New Planning Application

Here is the latest application that involves Princes Park this week.
There is only the one and it sits on the other side of the ward.
posted by matt bright.

Safer Communities

Here are the latest figures I have received from the safer communities team which involve Princes Park.

The period is from October 2007 - December 2007.

Fly Tipping

Coverdale Cl, Shanklin Cl, - 4 reported incidents.

Defiant Cl, Glenwood Cl, Hardy Cl, Romney Rd, Somerset Cl, Swallow Rise,Ventnor Cl, - 2 reported incidents.

Anson Cl, Brenzett Cl, Fisher Rd, Flamingo Cl, Goose Cl, Henley Cl, Highgrove Rd, Mermaid Cl, Penfold Cl, Ramilles Cl, Shakleton Cl, Solent Gds, Wiltshire Cl,- 1 reported incident.

Adandoned Vehicles

Chrisite Cl, - 4 reported incidents.

Heron Way, Illustrious Cl, Setford Rd, - 2 reported incidents.

Glamis Cl, - 1 reported incident.

As you can see the Council work hard to remove any fly tipping and abandoned vehicles as soon as they are reported.
If you do come across any of these unsightly problems then call Customer First on 333333 to have the problems removed.
posted by matt bright.