Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekly Rubbish Collections to Remain

Whilst out delivering our 'in touch' newsletters today in Princes Park I come across some Labour leaflets circulating throughout the area.

It was explaining that the Conservatives in Medway were planning fortnightly rubbish collections.

This I can happily say is a complete lie!

There are no plans to change the weekly rubbish collections in Medway and it is a shame that the Labour Party are resulting to distributing leaflets around Princes Park based totally on lies and deceptions.

Click here for the Medway Councils website on rubbish collections.

Hopefully residents in Princes Park will see through this poor attempt by Labour to attract more votes.

posted by matt bright.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ministers Threatens Medway with Even more Development

The Labour Government has issued a veiled financial threat to your Council and other Councils in the South East.

If Medway does not build the huge number of houses that Tony Blair wants, people may have funds for their services cut as money is awarded to Councils that 'toe the line' and build more houses.
Labour Minister, Ruth Kelly, made this announcement recently. However, Ms Kelly certainly has double standards - as she led the campaign in both 2000 and 2004 against the building of houses like these on a unused factory site in her own Constituency!
Councillor Rodney Chambers, the leader of Medway Council, said: "This is a very worrying situation. The fact that the Labour Government wants 40,000 houses a year to be built in the region is bad enough - but to threaten us with even more houses is sheer madness."
He added, "Conservative-led Medway Council is determined to promote the use of unused 'brownfield' sites, to meet its already agreed homes target for the next 20 years. Anymore than this is totally unacceptable!"

This story comes from the Spring issue of the Conservative Medway Mail that is circulated throughout the homes of Medway.
I posted this story because it falls in directly with the Capstone Valley Campaign.

posted by matt bright.

Conservatives Pledge to Keep Grammar Schools in Medway

The Conservative-run Medway Council have vowed to keep Grammar Schools in Medway and will continue to give them their full support.
Despite opposition from Labour and Lib Dem Councillors who have a record of speaking out against the system, Grammar Schools will be staying due to them being held in high regard by pupils, parents and Conservative Councillors alike.
posted by matt bright.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Totally Agree

In response to the previous story written by Pat about rubbish collections.

I have also experienced that same question concerning 2 weekly collections whilst canvassing. I will also fight against any proposal to introduce 'every other' week collections, this for me would be a step backwards and a serious wrong move.
Other Councils around the country have introduced this proposal and it has seriously backfired making the residents very angry.

Me and Pat will fight to keep weekly rubbish collections.

posted by matt bright.

I know I have mentioned the London Sinfonia before, but I am not apologising for that. We went to see them at the Central Theatre on Sunday and it was a wonderful performance. There was also a good crowd. These included a group of school children that were really enthusiastic. During the performances you could have heard a pin drop but at the end the children plus the rest of us showed our appreciation. We were lucky to hear the world premiere of Tansy Davies work ‘kingpin’. This was specially commissioned for Medway.
After the performance four members of the orchestra gave us a little encore in the Jazz Cellar. It was a light-hearted way of finishing the evening, and was a pleasure to talk to them. What was nice; quite a few of their fellow musicians came down to support them and join in the fun. I look forward to their next visit to Chatham.

One date for your diary is Sunday 10June 2007. We have Julian Lloyd Webber coming down to Chatham. He also plans a post-concert encore in the bar.
Hope I see some of you there.

posted by Pat

While I have been out canvassing a few people have asked about the idea of fortnightly refuse collections. I know it does worry people that this could be introduced. It is one thing I personally would fight 'tooth and nail'. My daughter lives in Gosport where they have been doing this for a while now. It does not work. People have trouble with maggots and vile smells. So those who have their own transport take their rubbish down to the tips. Some people just fly tip. So in the end the argument that it is environmentally better and more recycling would be done just does not hold water.

posted by Pat

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Walk in the Sunshine

I hope everyone has been enjoying this lovely weather. As I saw in one of the local papers, who needs to go to the Med just come to sunny Medway. It has certainly made canvassing much nicer. It has been really nice meeting people in the area even those of different political persuasion. I must admit that the people on the doorstep seem to be a lot politer than some of the opposition councillors.

I went to the full council on Thursday. It was a bit of an eye opener. I can remember going to a quite a few years ago, the debates were very heated but everyone ended up in the bar together as friends. In the council chamber on Thursday I heard what to my mind was quite childish behaviour by some of the opposition councillors. If it was not for our Lady Mayor who kept everything under control with a brilliant sense of humour I am sure the meeting would have ended in chaos. Angela (our Mayor) is going to be sadly missed by all when she retires. She will not be standing in the May elections. What really upset me was one councillor was very insulting about the Mayors Chaplin. Even if you hold no religious belief there is such a thing as common courtesy as a guest. Maybe I am just getting too sensitive in my old age, but I don’t think so.

Now back to canvassing. Last week I was lucky to be out with Tracey Crouch. She really has been a joy to work with, even if we don’t support the same football team. I think all those who spoke to her on the doorstep realise what a really genuine young lady she is. I for one am looking forward to a general election and hopefully we can return her as our M.P. This week the canvassing has either been on my own or with my husband Adrian, Many of the older residents will remember him as the councillor with Angela for the old Walderslade Ward. He has been enjoying himself catching up with some people he has not seen for a while. (Who said that men couldn't talk)? Matt has also been canvassing on his own. I think, well really I know he has found the same as me that everyone is very supportive. We have had a lot of feedback on the Capstone Valley petition.
If you want to know more about that please read Matts piece. Or you can always email or ring myself or Matt. We do return peoples emails and calls.

posted by pat.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Planning Applications for Princes Park

This is a new part of the blogsite that will be updated regularly.
These applications have been posted on the Medway Council Website and are within the Princes Park ward.
They include;
posted by matt bright.

Mobile Library in Princes Park

I was driving along Princes Avenue last week and noticed the mobile library parked up in Dove Close next to the church.
So I thought I would look up on the Medway Council website to see how often the service comes to Princes Park.
The service is on a 2 week rota and visits Princes Park 'every other' Thursday stopping at Dove Close then continuing to Scotby Avenue.
Click here for the times and days.
posted by matt bright.

Capstone Valley Petitions

After several weeks of collecting signatures for the 'Save Capstone Valley' campaign myself and Pat handed over some of the many many signatures from Princes Park to the Mayor of Medway Angela Prodger.

Their signatures join the many thousand that have been received on the doorstep throughout Medway. This also runs parallel with the online petition set up 2 weeks ago by the Medway Conservatives.

Me and Pat would like to thank a handful of residents that have contacted us requesting their own petition form for their family, friends and neighbours to sign. It has been truly remarkable at the high level of response we have received.

During the full Council meeting last night, Rodney Chambers (leader of the Medway Conservatives) stated that the local Conservative Party would fight 'tooth and nail' to save Capstone Valley.

One set of proposals have already been rejected so if we remain strong there is no reason why we cannot win again. Including the victory over the proposed Cliffe Airport your local Conservatives have a good record in winning battles.

Remember to vote Conservatives on May 3rd, it is a marginal ward so EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

posted by matt bright.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Issues That Will Be Tackled in Princes Park

After nearly 5 months of phone canvassing, door canvassing and the returned surveys that where completed a couple of months ago certain issues were repeatedly raised.
The issues will be on our (Matt Bright and Pat Gulvin) list of things that need to be raised and tackled.
The main issues concerning Princes Park include;
1) Litter
We know there is a problem with litter in Princes Park. I have spoke at length with several residents about this issue and me and Pat are dedicated to try and end this litter problem.
One step in the right direction would be to place litter bins at all the bus stops, because that seems to be where most of the problems occur.
Contact could be made with the local shops which includes the main supermarket in becoming a partner against the litter fight, most of the litter does come from them shops!
Regarding fly-tipping on Heron Way, residents could get involved by contacting the council on 01634 336699 or Kent Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111 if they see any activity.
2) Mini Motorbikes
There seems to be an issue with these noisy motorbikes whizzing up and down Heron Way and Kingfisher Drive. Many residents who have commented know the culprits and I'm sure that me and Pat with help from the local Community Police could seriously tackle this noisy nuisance.
3) Alleyways
From the phone canvassing and the returned surveys some residents mentioned busy alleyways that are used by mothers and children to being overgrown and strewn with rubbish.
If elected, we have promised to contact the residents who raised the issue and try and get the pathways clear and litter free.
4) Pot Holes
There are a collection of certain roads that need attention. Re-surfacing is already being carried out and we will try and keep the roads in a good satisfactory condition.
5) Capstone Valley
This is a real major issue to Princes Park. Capstone is merely a 'stones throw' from certain parts of Princes Park and if built upon would SERIOUSLY affect the lives of residents locally.
Not only would you lose a great piece of natural green belt, the local schools, medical services would be under massive strain. There is also the issue of the water shortage during the warm months. Imagine another 8,000 houses sharing the water locally, meaning hosepipe bans for longer!
Only your local Conservatives are fighting against this house build, click this link to sign our online petition.
Other parties seem to be more concerned with issues outside Princes Park (your Conservative Council are re-opening the fly-over in 4 weeks) and issues outside Princes Park are important BUT me and Pat are putting Princes Park first.
posted by matt bright.

Conservative MP joins the Capstone Campaign

Last week East Surrey MP Peter Ainsworth (right) visited Chatham and was greeted by the Lordswood and Capstone Councillor Alan Jarrett (centre) to add his support to the 'Save Capstone Valley' Campaign.

Peter, who is the Conservative Environment Secretary has been arguing in Westminster against housing developments on greenfield sites like Capstone to ensure that these areas are protected.
It is only the Conservative Party that are fighting the Medway Magna building project in Capstone and a vote for the Conservatives in Princes Park in the local elections is the only sure way we can carry on the fight on your behalf.
It is encouraging to see that MP's from Westminster are taking local issues close to Princes Park seriously and are fighting on our behalf.

posted by matt bright.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Online Petition - Save Capstone Valley

There is a new online petition to 'Save Capstone Valley. This is a follow up to the Princes Park online petition. It was thought that a Medway Conservative petition would have a greater impact receiving a vast more amount of online signatures.
Click this link to sign.
Although Capstone Valley is on the doorstep of Princes Park it will also directly affect wards in Gillingham and beyond hence it becoming a Medway wide petition.
Remember, only your local Conservatives are fighting this proposal.
It is very important we have enough voices in the Council chamber to fight this on your behalf.
Thursday May 3rd 2007 - Vote Conservative
posted by matt bright

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fly-Over To Re-Open

The fly-over in Chatham's new two way system is going to re-open to traffic. The time frame for the new road lay out is set to take place in approximately 4 weeks.
The Council did originally give the 'closed fly-over' scheme a 6 month trial period with a review to be taken after the time had elapsed.
After reviewing the situation and listening to local residents the Council have acted.
This is a positive move, it will hopefully make the traffic move more freely and it has demonstrated that the Council do listen to local residents views and concerns.

posted by matt bright.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Childrens Playground and Ball Park

After speaking with several residents within Princes Park it seems people think the new children's playground on Princes Avenue (next to Downlands Walk) is a private playground.
It isn't.
The facilities are open to all young residents within Princes Park, hopefully diverting them from playing ball games on street corners and annoying the neighbours.

posted by matt bright