Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kingfisher Allotment

Matt and I were invited along to Kingfisher school yesterday. It was for the official opening of the schools allotment. As with every occasion we were made very welcome. There is always such a lovely atmosphere there. The children sang a song for us. I am a great big softy and I find young voices so very moving.

Matt and I made a contribution to the project from our ward funds. They have been very careful with money and used recycled materials where possible. Some of the paving and bricks came from where the school had been altered when the Sure Start was introduced. The allotment is great thing for the children. They can watch the plants grow and eat the produce at the end. This will introduce them to fresh fruit and vegetable fresh from the ground. You have to admit the sweetest runner beans you can have are ones eaten straight from the plant still warm from the sun. I wish the children all success with their project and am looking forward to going along later in the year to see how they are getting on.

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John M Ward said...

It's good to see the excellent Dave Wyett, the "allotment king", in your first photo. Dave is a great fellow, and I have known him for nearly twelve years, including his passion for allotments in Medway.

Well done for this achievement! It's a very good use of your Ward Improvement Fund, that I suspect you won't be aware was introduced by Cllr Alan Jarrett some eight years ago, and opposed by the opposition at that time.